• “The Imposter” is slippery, manipulative, unstable and smoothly confounding. It’s also one of the most entertaining documentaries to appear since “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” a film similarly obsessed with role playing and deception.”Full Review
    Jeannette Catsoulis
    -New York Times
  • “This true story plays like a gripping psychological thriller, offering hard speculation and harder truths. You won’t be able to get it out of your head.”Full Review
    Peter Travers
    -Rolling Stone
  • “See it and marvel that the least plausible lies are the ones we tell ourselves.”Full Review
    Farran Smith Nehme
    -New York Post
  • “As fiction, it would never fly. But “The Imposter” happens to be true, and it’s a jaw-dropper.”Full Review
    Rafer Guzman
  • “It tells a true story that is so oh wow! unbelievable, so deeply, compellingly stranger than fiction, that you don’t so much watch the film as get addicted to it.”Full Review
    Owen Gleiberman
    -Entertainment Weekly
  • “The movie is fascinating, but it leaves you uneasy, because you don’t always know who you’re watching (actor? family member?), and you begin to feel that you’re being scammed, too.”Full Review
    David Denby
    -New Yorker
  • “Rarely has the con game, and the human capacity to believe in improbable outcomes, been taken to such extremes as we see in “The Imposter”…”Full Review
    Andrew O’Hehir