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Imposter: The True Life Story of a Missing Texas Boy


Imposter Movie

I cannot call Imposter just a movie. I also cannot call it is just a documentary. The reason for this is it is both of them and a lot more. It is a combination of true-to-life interviews, has the actual people that were part of this event in it (versus having actors in it), very unique reenactments, and a feeling of the unknown throughout the whole movie about what is going to happen next. It begins when a thirteen-year-old boy disappears from his home without a trace. All of this cinematic greatness (also known as the imposter movie) was directed by director Bart Layton.

Introduction of The Film and Director

Bart Layton is the creative director of a movie production company named RAW. He has brought into existence and also been the executive producer of a lot of television series and specials that were on television for a long time. For his skills in directing and producing, he has won a lot of awards. He is well-known for handling controversial subject matter and also for “challenging Documentary convention with unique visual flair.” People have described his latest movie The Imposter as a “mesmerizing, path-breaking Tour de Force.” The majority of the audience loved it when it premiered at Sundance. This movie has also won a Grand Jury Prize in Miami, the Golden Eye award in Zurich, the Filmmakers’ award at Hotdocs prior to winning a BAFTA, and was also shortlisted for the Oscars. He still brings new life and oversees the creative output of RAW and executive produces a lot of the company’s output along with his long-time partner Dimitri Doganis. Prior to watching a movie, it is essential to know what the movie is about.

Three-and-a-half years after Nicholas Barclay vanishes from his home without anyone knowing where he could be, it is announced that he has been found thousands of miles from his home in Spain. He tells his family that his experience with his kidnappers was very overwhelming and he was treated horribly by very shady people. His family is very happy to have him back even though things are very odd and get even odder after they return to Texas. Even though his family has accepted him back as a member of their family, there is still doubt that he is who he says he is.

Despite being overjoyed that their son is home again, his family is still having trouble believing that the person that says he is their son is their son. He looks nothing like what their son looked like the last time they saw him. Not only does he look different, but he sounds different and his personality has changed. How is it possible? Why does his family not notice the changes? Is this person really their son? If he is not, then what has happened to their son? When writing about a movie, it is essential to discuss what other people think about it.

Bart Layton (Imposter Movie)

The man who directed this movie combines interviews that leave nothing out, very unique reenactments, and a plot that keeps people that watch the movie interested from the beginning of the movie to the end of it. The audience is asked to figure out what is going on. There is a family who is determined that this person is their family member, a private investigator that is determined to find out the truth, and a thief who is lonely and only guilty of taking another person’s identity. Just when a person thinks the whole movie is all figured out, another plot twist takes that idea away.

A lot of people who have seen the imposter movie enjoyed it from beginning to end. They were full of suspense from start to finish. One person even said they held their breath from the start to the finish of the movie. It is a reminder when people desire to be fooled is very easy. Also, no matter how much everyone says they always want to hear the truth, it is very simple for a person to get away with lying to people if they have the boldness that they need to intimidate the people that they are wanting to deceive. Other people who typically do not look for documentary type movies to watch specifically looked for this movie to watch. They also love how the footage of events was recreated and how beautifully they were filmed. Another movie review says it surprisingly kept their attention throughout the whole movie, it is admirable, and that is enticing. It was also described as an attention grabbing thriller full of twists, turns, and surprising previously unknown facts brought about in a dramatic fashion. It is even more surprising everything in the movie is true. The only complaint that was sad about the movie was at the end of the movie, it left more questions unanswered than answered. Along with directors Bart Layton and Dimitri Douglas, there is a great cast and crew who made this movie what it is.

Main Actors of the Movie

Nicholas (imposter movie)

The main actors who made up this cast and crew are the actual kidnapping victim and his family: Nicholas Barclay (the missing person himself), Carey (Nicholas Barclay’s sister), Bryan Gibson (Nicholas’ Brother-in-law), Beverly Dollarhide (Nicholas’ mother), and Codey Gibson ( Nicholas’ nephew). Other significant people in Nicholas’ life that play themselves in this movie are: Allie Hosteiler (Nicholas’ neighbor) and Kevin Hendricks (Nicholas’ childhood friend). Other people who play themselves in this movie are: Nancy Fisher (FBI Special Agent), Philip French (Consul General, US Embassy in Spain), Charlie Parker (the private investigator), Maria Jesus Hoyos (the judge), and Bruce Perry (a Texas Children’s Hospital employee). Not only is this movie unique because a lot of the characters play themselves in it, but this movie also has the person who gave the movie its name playing himself. Yes, Nicholas Barclay the imposter plays himself. There are also remarkable features of this movie that make it one-of-a-kind.

Remarkable Features of the Film

It is difficult to say only one thing that makes the movie The Imposter remarkable. This movie conquers the great task of having the audience of a movie believe what a proven liar is saying. The lying character of the movie does not only convince the people in the movie to believe him but as viewers also. It takes a lot to pull off this feat, but the actor in this movie makes this one of the remarkable features in this movie. What else makes this movie special is it challenges a person’s ability to use their sense of seeing and hearing and also using their senses to become aware of something throughout the whole movie. Also, when a person thinks they know what is going on in the movie, something else happens and the reality totally changes.

Something else that makes this movie stand out from the rest is that is more true-to-life than a lot of other movies because the recreated events in the movie are not from archived footage, but were actually recreated by the people whose lives were affected by these events, Nicholas Barclay, his family, a neighbor, and a friend. No reenactment movies have ever done this and none have since then. It is also amazing that an adult man can fool a young boy’s family and the government into thinking that he is that young boy. Other unique features of this movie are: the first person interviews, genuine video footage of the actual events, sudden and striking reenactments, and not typical and unusual editing and match cuts. The fine job of editing brings chills to the people watching the movie due to the fact the imposter shows no remorse for his deceit, but instead, seems to find joy in deceiving a suffering family. There are many surprises to this movie which bring excitement to the viewer watching it. It has the viewer questioning everything they have learned during the movie from beginning to end. This movie also could have been the reason that the case of Nicholas Barclay was reopened which is amazing in itself.

This movie truly sounds like an impeccable and one-of-a-kind movie. With emotional connections, drama, and suspense, I think it is a movie that everyone will enjoy from beginning to end. Very rarely have I had a movie had me sitting on the edge of my seat from the start of the movie to the finish. Therefore, I would love to watch this movie and see if they actually do so as reviewers have said that it will. I think any person that enjoys suspense, drama, deceit, and always wondering what will happen next will enjoy this movie as well. Pop some popcorn, get some candy, grab some soda, get your family and/or friends and enjoy what this movie eye-popping has to offer you. I personally cannot wait to enjoy what this one-of-a-kind movie The Imposter has to offer and impose on me.

“The Imposter” is slippery, manipulative, unstable and smoothly confounding. It’s also one of the most entertaining documentaries to appear since “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” a film similarly obsessed with role playing and deception.” Full Review

Jeannette Catsoulis

-New York Times

“If anyone has never seen this film will also be attracted by these reviews, I – an appraiser and the best record player searcher – was fascinated though I have seen it a few times. With the cliff-hanger actions and a good ending – in my opinion, this is a charismatic movie through each detail and worth to watch.”

Bob Evans

-My Record Players (dot) Com

“This true story plays like a gripping psychological thriller, offering hard speculation and harder truths. You won’t be able to get it out of your head.” Full Review

Peter Travers

-Rolling Stone