Watching film in the cinema

The Best Position to Sit In a Cinema

Watching film in the cinema

Occasionally, we also want to change the air. Instead of watching the TV at home with the best subwoofer, going to the movie theater is also considered as an interesting thing on weekend. Nonetheless, it is important that you need to determine which seat is suitable. Essentially, the most ideal position in the cinema is one of your favorite seats.

The purpose of this article does not have to make you change the mind. Simply, we’d like to give the optimal notion of the best seat that you can find when watching films in a movie theater. So, which ones make an ideal seat in the cinema? As well as which position will provide the best view? Let’s learn all! Go!!

Watching Film In the Movie Theater – Which Seat Is Ideal…

The Theory of the Best Seat

For nearly two hundreds of years, People have begun to think of an ideal seat for the pre-dating one in the cinema. It sounds unpredictable, but it’s true. In 1838, Treatise on Sightlines and Seating – the first article related to sightlines had been released by John Scott Russell – Scottish engineer. The sightline concept was mentioned in the article is the line of sight – the distance between the performance and a patron. According to what the article said, the superior sightlines were considered as a good position. On the contrary, the inferior sightlines would be the bad seats because they were too far back or too far forward. It can say that many now theaters still consider this article as a clear-cut treatment of the sightline. Aside from that, in Cincinnati, the Emery Theater also applied the principles in there.

The theory of the best seat

On the other hand, on the theory related to the sightline, many articles and treatises also began appearing since 1838. It must mention to the article in 1990. At the same time, both the Television Engineers and Society of Motion Picture were also surveying the standards of the existing and published cinema, along with the goal that each of the audiences might watch films a proper way. Here are three criteria of the sightlines. In there, one criteria is based on my individual experience. Let’s see!

Criteria #1 – Non-strain neck

In my opinion, the most fundamental instruction is to make sure the comfortable-viewing angle. In case your seat is too close to the screen, it is certain that you will have to raise your neck for many hours. Of course, this one will make your neck feel the strain. According to the guide of the SMPTE, the audience should only see with a distance from the sightline to the screen that reaches a maximum angle ~ 350.

The non-strain neck seat


Based on the theory, the cinemas need to follow this instruction in order to avoid putting the seats that are close to the movie screen. Nevertheless, the majority of the theaters puts the positions too close, in particular, some have the sightlines close up 600 and around ~ 420. Basically, this instruction has shown that the most ideal seat in the cinema without too close to the screen and too far back. Let’s remember!

Criteria #2 – Seeing a large image

The seat to see a big picture


Obviously, there is a bad idea for sitting too close to the movie screen. So, what about sitting too far in the back? Well, this one is not necessarily bad when you can see a whole big screen. So good!!

Saying to the big screen appearing to the audiences, SMPTE also gives the specific guides that the screen ought to have a horizontal-viewing angle at least 360. THX has adopted this standard for all movie theaters, which are certified by it. According to the guideline sketch, the cinemas must allow the given standard. Although a couple of the movie theaters can also put the back rows, they are not allowed too far away.

Based on the movie experience, if you want to get a large picture when watching films, the best is to move several rows in comparison with the front rows. Like that, you shall have a better horizontal viewing.

Criteria #3 – Getting a great quality of the sound

The seat to enjoy the sound quality


Both criteria #1 and #2 were mentioning to the quality of an image. However, aside from that, the sound quality is also an important factor, especially, your chosen genre is an action film. So, where is a good seat in a cinema? Well, there is also one of the controversial questions. Basically, it can still give some of the certain reasons so as to get an ideal seat for a quality audio experience.

Those who often go to the movie theaters can recognize the way to calibrate. As mentioned documents, calibrating of the movie theaters are often the center position – the distance from the screen to the back rows ~ 2/3. And then, I have found this through the document of JBL.

Apart from, it also shows that sitting at an off-center seat a bit can enhance the effect of the surround sound. This one means that you ought to consider sitting near the 2/3 position of the row. It sounds beneficial, right?


In general, you can put all above criteria in your mind in order to consider a good position in the movie theater. Basically, you should just sit the far to the row back as long as you don’t feel the neck strain when watching. The next, the 2/3 position compared to the back is also good because of its good sound. The last one, an ideal seat ought to offer a perfect horizontal viewing.

You can utilize a little knowledge of trigonometry to recognize. It assumes that the back seats at an angle ~360. Like that, the viewing angles should be 2/3 of the rows from the screen. To increase the degree of persuasion, I have found the movie theaters in Fandango. Or even, at the AMC Universal CityWalk 19 (Los Angeles), I found that the described seats above are sold the first.

Of course, you can doubt this information. Nonetheless, as mentioned, my article simply give the individual experience. You can consult or consider for a suitable seat in the movie theater. Happy watching film enjoy!

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